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Best Movie

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Tales Of The Kamasutra 2000 And Almost Illegal 2 Has Been Update.Please Use HJ-SPLIT To Joined.

SIREN X Link Updated.Use HJ-SPLIT-27.12.2009

–  Girl Bar part4 and 5 link updated-27.12.2009

–  Fox Ghost All Link Updated-28.12.2009

CaliGula All Link Updated-28.12.2009

–  9Songs All Link Updated (Mediafire)-Use HJ-SPLIT-30.12.2009

Romances X All link Updated (Mediafire)

Ken Park All Link Updated-03.01.2010

Mon A Mour Part 1 and Part5 updated-12.01.2010

Map Of The Sound Of Tokyo Part2 updated-12.01.2010

The Case Of Unfaithful Klara All link updated.-16.01.2010

-Map Of The Sound Of Tokyo English Subtitles Upadate Best viewing subtitles with Media Classic Player (version

-High Tension All link updated-28.01.2010

SickGirl 2007-All Link Mediafire Updated-29.01.2010 -Anyone have was download Shoujyo: An Adolescent 2001 part1 to part4,please download part5 and 6 to joined the movie.Part5 and 6 just in upload.apologize above that mistake.

A GOOD LAWYER’S WIFE 2003 – please download part 6  for full movie..

PINOY KAMASUTRA 2006-All Link Mediafire Updated-13.02.2010

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Info :
If  you does not get download the movie through mediafire,It just temporary the only while to 4 or 5 day.After that you can download again.This is because mediafire would update server mediafire caused some file would be disrupted or unavailable for at download.
Ariel Peter Pan And Cut Tari Indonesia Celebrities Sex Scandal
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Ariel Peter Pan And Maya Indonesia Celebrities Sex Scandal

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SEX AND ZEN 1993 AVI-DVDrip With Eng Subtitles(18+)

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BAR GIRL 2008 DVDrip-Xvid (Japan)(18+)

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DON’T LOOK DOWN 2008 DVDrip-Xvid(Argentina)(18+)
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A Chinese Torture Chamber Story 2 1998 Avi-DVDrip (18+)
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Beautiful Teacher in Torture Hell 1985 MKVrip With Eng Subtitles (Japan)(18+)
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LIE WITH ME 2005 DVDrip (18+)
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Lost In Beijing 2007.MKV-DVDrip (18+)

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The Forbidden Legend: Sex & Chopsticks (Chinese) 2008 RMVB (18+)

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FOX GHOST DVDrip 2002 H/K MOVIE (18+)

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KEN PARK 2002 DVDrip (18+)

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GUARDAMI DVDrip 1999 (18+)(ITALY)

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CaliGula  AVI -DVDRip 1979 (+18)

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9 SONGS DVDrip 204(Germany)(18+)

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Club Butterfly 2001 rmvb (Korean)(18+)

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The Exterminating Angels 2006 DVDRip XviD(18+)

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Yeti Curse of the Snow Demon 2008 stv dvdrip
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Carp Fishing-Whelly wackers dvdrip

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Download The Naked Kitchen DVDrip (2009)

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SIREN X DVDrip 2008 (18+)

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The Last Resort 2009 DVDRip XviD
Kathleen, a bride to be, and her four bridesmaids Sophia, Jessica, Beth, and Amber travel to Mexico in hopes of having a last “hoorah” before the wedding a few weeks away. After partying hard the night before, Sophia splits from the group to pursue Rob, a hansom young tourist from the states. The other girls decide to take a tour of the countryside without her, but are robbed and left for dead in a remote rugged terrain. As night falls, the tired and injured girls arrive at an abandon resort and decide to take shelter until morning. When they enter, strange things begin to happen, as the girls become overwhelmed by an unspoken evil that possesses the resort. Back in town, Sophia is worried about her friends and works hard to track them down. After realizing they took a scenic tour, Sophia and Rob do the same, in hopes of finding her lost friends. Sophia and Rob finally discover the resort and attempt to help their friends, but an unspeakable evil has taken control of all who travel to The Resort.

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The Secret of Loch Ness (2008) DVDrip


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The Case Of Unfaithful Klara 2009 DVDrip-mp4(18+)

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Young People ~Censored~ (2007) DVDrip(18+)

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Almost Illegal S02DVDrip-xvid(+18)

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The Fishing Show Giant Tuna Adventures (2008)-dvdRIP

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Fraternity House 2008 LiMiTED DVDRip XviD

Fraternity House is a 24 hour look inside fraternity life. Set on the last day of the school year graduating seniors Jake and Evan have one day to figure out how to stay on campus for a fifth year. With the help of 8th year senior and fraternity legend Greg “Fossil” Karanowski they constantly get themselves into more and more trouble. Throughout the day we see a 6am pajama party, strip poker, drinking games, and the most intense pledging ever seen on film. [D-Man2010] On their last day of college, seniors Jake (Joel Paul Reisig) and Evan (Justin Isfeld) come to the realization that their days walking around in a drunken stupor and ogling half-naked coeds have ended. Fearing graduation and life in the real world, they hatch a plan to return for a fifth year. They enlist the help of “permanent” student and college legend Fossil (Johnny Lechner), who entrusts his sacred “Ten Commandments” on how to stay in college to Jake and Evan. Between antics from breaking into Professor VanOver’s office (Christian Stolte) to kidnapping foreign exchange students, for Jake and Evan, this long day of debauchery is something they will never forget. [D-Man2010] The real world is knocking for college seniors Evan (Justin Isfeld, AMERICAN PIE) and Jake (comedian Joel Paul Reisig), but they dont want to answer the door. With graduation just a day away, the two frat … Full Descriptionboys enlist the help of an eighth-year senior who serves as a different kind of academic advisor and helps them earn a fifth year at their beloved school. FRATERNITY HOUSE takes place in one flash-filled, alcohol-fueled 24-hour period.

ROMANCE X DVDrip(Frenc)(18+)

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MysteryQuest S01E02 Devils Triangle HDTV XviD

Proudly PresentsRelease Type…..: HDTV

Series………..: MysteryQuest

Genre…………: Documentary

Episode……….: S01E02

Title…………: Devil’s Triangle

Production Code..: 102

Orig. Air Date…: 24 Sep 2009

Release Date…..: 24 Sep 2009

Source………..: 720p HDTV

Video Format…..: XviD

Video Resolution.: 624×352

Video Bitrate….: 925 kbps

Video Framerate..: 23.976

Audio Format…..: MP3 VBR

Audio Bitrate….: 151 kbps average

Audio Sample Rate: 48 KHz

Length………..: 44:57.280

Size………….: 366,880,966

Packs…………: 19*20MB = 349MB

The Bermuda Triangle, a 500,000 square mile area

in the Atlantic is the world’s greatest unexplained

mystery. Ships and planes simply disappear without

a trace. The MysteryQuest team takes one of the few

survivors of a Triangle encounter on a flight through it

to try to determine what could be disorienting pilots. The

expedition team dives in the waters of the Bahamas to

try to locate the first wreckage of an aircraft lost in

a Triangle disappearance.


The Forbidden Legend Sex & Chopsticks II (2009)dvdr (Movie)(18sx)

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Sick Girl-mp4-DVDRip (2007)
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Crazy Eights 2006-MKV-DVDrip


Six people are brought together at the funeral of a childhood friend. While settling the estate, they discover a map, which leads them on a search for a long forgotten time capsule, at the request of their dead friend. What they discover reawakens repressed childhood traumas and leads them on a journey through their long abandoned childhood home: a home with a terrible secret and a mysterious dead girl who will lead them to their strange fates. Included in the fairly doomed sextet are sculptor Beth Patterson (Gabrielle Anwar), prompted to do something horrible to her own face, Wayne Morrison (Dan DeLuca), who should have watched out for the cellar stairs AND the window sash, Brent Sykes (Frank Whaley), the big city prosecutor who may have been dismembered by who knows what, Father Lyle Dey (George Newbern), who gets finished off by the blinded girl, Gina Conte (Traci Lords), who gets a taste of her own medicine, and psychologist Jennifer Jones (Dina Meyer), who probably thinks “how did I waste my life studying Freud instead of watching a few cheap horror flicks which would have warned me not to enter the abandoned mental asylum where I spent my forgotten childhood?” as she’s slitting her wrists.

Crazy Eights part1

English Subtitles

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Blood Scarab 2008 DVDRip XviD(18+)

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Tower of Terror (1997) – DVDrip

Horror | Thriller | Comedy | Family

The film starts out when 5 people walk into an elevator, but something goes very wrong. The elevator collapses 11 floors and the five people roam around the hotel as ghosts. 60 years later, reporter Buzzy (Steve Guttenberg) and his niece Anna (Kirsten Dunst) are trying to find out the mystery of the hotel. An old lady named Abigail tells them that if they find a belonging of each person on the elevator they will be free from the hotel.

Hella Crazy 2 (2009) DVDrip
RELEASE DATE……..: 2009.01.10

DVD DATE…………: 2008.07.01


VIDEO BITRATE…….: 2066 kbit/s 2pass VBR



VIDEO FPS………..: 29.970

AUDIO FORMAT……..: VBR MP3 @ 48000 Hz

AUDIO BITRATE…….: 129 kbps

VIDEO LENGTH……..: 88 minutes

SIZE…………….: 2×50×15

GENRE…: Action Comedy Music Sport

The We Play Crazy crew puts a new meaning to the word

crazy with insane dare-devil like stunts that will

blow your mind! We take you into our chaotic lifestyle

full of booze, babes, fights and fire! Dont forget

this baby includes BMX, FMX, skate, surf and more from

some of the top athletes in the world, so be prepared

for non-stop mayhem.

Haunting Of Winchester House 2009 DVDRip XviD

Genre: Horror ENG | 86 min | 715.24 MB

Director: Mark Atkins Cast: Tomas Boykin,Lira Kellerman,Patty Roberts Plot: A family moves into the 160 room mansion to act as caretakers, but when a malevolent force abducts their daughter they discover why the house deserves its reputation as one of the most haunted places in America.

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