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Tarzan  X 1994 mkv-dvdrip 18+


A search party is on a jungle expedition to discover a lost civilization. Jane (Rosa Carraciolo) is lost in the forest when she is going for a stroll. She is traced out by the Tarzan, the Ape man (Rocco Siffredi). Emotionally Apeman and Jane proceeds to have sex. The next day, the party finds her bringing the Apeman to the camp. To the party, Jane introduces him as her boy friend. The party tries to tame him from his jungle ways in more than one. Nevertheless the ape man proceeds to have sex with a couple of women too in the search party. Finally Jane leaves the party and goes to the forest with Apeman.

Tarzan X 001

Tarzan X 002

Tarzan X 003

Tarzan X 004

Indonesia Subtitles

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  1. Jelobeto@gmail.com Says:

    I like this movies, cos it is very natural

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